17 December 2006

Green Christmas

Last night I was the fortunate guest of Robert Calwell, Kawasaki's district sales manager and my long time motorcycle friend for Canadian Kawasaki Motors Christmas party --what fun it was!

The “green team” not only celebrated camaraderie and the seasons cheer but their 2 Canadian championship titles where Jordan Szoke brought them first place winnings for the year in two classes! Jordan continues with Kawa in 2007 riding to defend his championship(s) --supported by the great team that assisted him in getting there. Should be another fun year.

Kawasaki’s humble group portray a real sense of family --I met people who’d been working with the company for over 20 years! Always a good sign. Their original and successful slogan still used today—“let the good times roll” was the final word of the new president as the party kicked off.

During the night I had the chance to ask Jordan about ice racing, as since my return to Canada, I'm determined to give it a go. Jordan’s been doing it for 22 years! Right next door on his own pond. So as soon as the temperature changes—nearer to the freezing point, Bob and I are invited to try it out—coaching tips by Jordan. He says we can wear usual bike gear but layers of ‘thermal underwear’ are a good idea. He’s got some special experiences in that regard—yeah, inside joke you ask him next time you see him.

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