3 December 2006

Clothes + Education

Here’s a great one regarding females —“less clothes, less education”.
Reading a piece of writing the other day where Ms. Tanya Haithcock a black female motorcycle rider contributing to the articles topic regarding black motorcycle clubs and culture, I believe in Chicago--stated this good observation. The article explored the culture and “stunnin” by way of a black stunt riders club or “stunna’s” as they’re known (on ONE Wheel Boyz) who promote safe riding-- even though it's a stunt club.

Tanya shared views regarding the black rider community and also how things have moved ahead for females—positive change. She mentioned usually females ride on the back but have now taken to riding their own set of wheels resulting in them having more control and respect (I agree the respect factor is such a tough one to gain). Yet she mentioned that the female groupies of the motorcycle “stunna’s” –half clothed young ladies who pretty much offer their bodies for the chance to be seen on the back of (or sleep with) one the group’s top riders are not helping.

Tanya said this causes a 100 year set back for [black] women and female development –totally agree, in fact I relate as a white female. And then the article mentioned one of Tanya’s measurements regarding these groupies and others — “the less clothes the less education” —not a bad association. And being on a motorcycle, rider or passenger without the right gear-- Gump said it best “stupid is as stupid does”.

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Anonymous said...

Vickie! This is Tanya Haithcock (TBONE). You are dead on girl! Thanks for backing up my statement! As women riders, we have enough trouble just getting respect for getting on the 300-500lb machine and handling it like the badasses that we are! The groupies just give us reason to support each other and I can't thank you enough. Lean into that curve darlin'! I got your back from now on! tbonesangels27@yahoo.com