7 October 2006

Marriage Proposal

Took the Ducati 749 out for a ride and got a marriage proposal! Toronto on a Saturday particularly on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend was a tough city to get out of and away from traffic. I headed up north of the city aiming for Lake Simcoe...didn’t make it. Traffic jams everywhere! No worries got some good riding in and became more familiar to the 749 and received a proposal of marriage! A fellow on a Suzuki GSX sport bike zipped up beside me at a stoplight...lifted his lid and yelled "can I ask you a question"...lifted my visor and said "sure"...he said "can I marry you? I’ve never seen a beautiful woman riding a Ducati before!" Think it was the beauty [he meant] in my red leather suit blending so nicely on the gorgeous classic red machine. Nonetheless, I was touched by his enthusiasm and it certainly made me laugh! There does seem to be a shortage of female-sport bikers ...seems there are many females on cruisers here in . Nothing wrong with that, yet for me personally I've always enjoyed more of the sport capabilities of riding. This fellow named "Michael" then invited me to stop by a certain sport-bike hang out in downtown Toronto on Thursday evenings. Weather permitting, think I'll go. The rest of the ride (total 5 hours) was exciting...even had a few rallies on the 4 lane express-way with some unknown sport bikers. Yes the 749 goes and I'm amazed at the ease of handling and steering just lovely in the corners. Hope I get the chance for more rides before the snow flakes begin to fall.
I've decided to name him "Antonio Lapo".

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